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Global Job Placement Services Linking between International-Minded People and Companies around the World

Our "PIECE of ONE" Project

The reasons why P-ONE is so special and selected:

Thanks to our good relationship of trust with Thai companies and our business performance, we have direct relationship with the companies with vacancies for those looking for jobs, and we don't have to go through any third parties. Over 90% of the job opening information filled are disclosed only to us. We, P-one, are good at grasping corporate cultures and background behind job openings so as to calibrate our assistance from the standpoint of those looking for jobs.Our staff with a lot of international communication experience will give you all-out support. Maximizing our refined communication skills we are always ready to offer outstanding services to win your relief and satisfaction navigating through detailed negotiations with your counterparts.

What P-ONE Aspires:

As the world's major trend is shifting to consider the whole globe as one area for business, it is essential for us, P-one, to develop and retain international-minded persons in order to navigate through such global businesses. In order to fulfill such growing needs, we are committed to link suitable personnel with suitable positions across borders. We will act as the mainstay to enhance mutual understanding in cross-cultural settings and to promote global businesses, overcoming differences of values.

Two Roles P-ONE Plays:

①We will refer Japanese senior experts, so to say Japanese specialist "New Active Seniors who are ready to enjoy their second lives "to the foreign companies that are craving their diverse knowledge, experience and skills, and link them to enhance further development of the countries and industries as international  players.

​②We also assist, link foreign nationals of specialized skills who wish to develop their own ability further in Japan with their potential employers, and offer their positions. Thus we can contribute to efforts of internationalization and diversification made in Japanese business scenes.

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Global Job Placement Services Linking International-Minded People and Companies around the World


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