Foreign Country For Your Next Stage of Work and Life!

Somewhere yet to be explored: A place where people are craving for a person like you.​

For seasoned ones "changing jobs" later in life means "changing life itself."

We make all-out efforts to assist you in sharing your skills and experience

learned through work and life with those beyond the borders.

Featuring Kindgom of Thailand - A Country Friendly to Everyone

Enjoy your life by working.  Enrich your life by feeling Buddhism culture. 

We recommend Thailand where you can obtain rich life that is not comparable with your income.

There is a place where "New Active Seniors" with full of knowledge and experience are required.

Bangkok, Thailand has been achieving over 3.5 % of its GDP. It is one of the leading nations of the ASEAN. However, it lacks specialists to contribute their development.   It will take time to train young people as work forces to Thai companies.  Until then, they will need people coming from foreign nations.

PIECE OF ONE is to provide early retirees (45 to 60 years old) who are specialists retired from Japanese companies, and senior retirees (55 to 65 years old) who have abundant business experiences, to the enterprises in Thailand.

① Still willing to challenge and fulfill your potential;

② Hoping to hand down your knowledge and skills as part of contribution to society;

③ Looking for another global stage in order to broaden your horizon;

④ Exploring a job and life in a foreign country with your family; and

​⑤ Yearning for another life with a challenging job and meaningful days.

There is a shortage of technical experts in Thailand.

It is a policy of Kingdom of Thailand to shift its focus from labor-intensive to capital- and/or knowledge-intensive orientation such as seeking ways to add up higher value on its industry structure and inviting advanced industries to the country, which is prerequisite for future economic development of the country. Promoting high level of education, enhancing business environment, and improving industry structure, the country is keeping up with the needs to stay as the hub of ASEAN countries. Also as the leader to expedite the region's international division of roles, it's easy to predict that professional skills, R&D and other technological specialists will be in greater demand than ever.

The companies we refer you to are excellent companies in Thailand.

The companies we will refer you to are ones of the very best-growing companies there including Japanese-capital companies, foreign (other than Japanese or Thai) capital companies and Thai companies. Therefore, the major lauguages they use may be Japanese, English and/or Thai, and your future employer may consider hiring an interpreter or assigning a Japanese-speaking staff for you to create comfortable work environment for you. 

Our P-ONE's complete support system in tandem with the Thai government's cooperation will relieve you from concerns.

PIECE OF ONE can link you to Japanese specialists from not only our clients, but also from excellent Thai companies  referred to us by our allied partner agencies in Thailand.

■ Reference of Candidates Meeting Requirements Requested by Thai Companies with Job Openings

■ Coordination of Annual Income, Other Conditions and Timeline

■ Basic Training and Preparation Before Leaving Japan

■ Residence After Arrival in Thailand and Assistance for Daily Life 

■ Preparation for New Position and Signing of Consignment Contract

■ Follow up of the Employees and their Employers on a Regular Basis

■ Implementation of Necessary countermeasures to Issues

Perfect Support


□ When you are involved in any crime scenes, you are able to receive assistance from Japanese consular (Emergency Japanese assistance)

□ To make a advisory contract with a lawyer (Japanese legal specialists)

□ To receive enthusiastic assistance by Japanese who has a deep connection with Thai Labor Ministry when you face trouble with Thai companies.

□ For good relations in the society, we assist you to apply for registration of your stay from the starting point of your stay in Thailand.

□ To carry out condition checks regularly between you and the working company ( for the next recruitment possibilities ).

Some of Successfully Matched Positions
  • Management

  • Financial Accountants

  • Administrators

  • Biotechnology Researchers

  • Nano-technology Engineers

  • AI Researchers

  • ​Specialized Construction Engineers

  • System Designers

  • Telecommunication Engineers

  • System Developers

  • Production Managers

  • ​Factory Line Managers

  • Product Line Manager​s

  • Quality Control Managers

  • Inspection Engineers

  • ​Medical Engineers

Recent News

Interior designer and furniture manufacturer

March 2019

​Thailand.  Working place:  Headquarters in Bangkok

Plastic (Polymer) Production Line Managers

March 2019

​To be positioned in Thailand: Rayong Province

Plastic (EPDM) Production Line Managers

March 2019

​To be positioned in Thailand: Rayong Province

Auto-Related (Accessory Production) Production Managers

March 2019

​To be positioned in Thailand: Rayong Province