Privacy Protection Policy


Considering the protection and administration of individual privacy is the social responsibility to comply with, this Protection Policy has been drawn up in order to appropriately administer and manage the personal information that we hold.


1 Basic policy


The Company will respect and comply with applicable laws and social security orders, and will keep appropriate administration and protection of individual privacy.


2 Collecting Information, usage and disclosure


The Company will only collect personal information when deemed necessary, and clarify the purpose, usage, and disclosure of collection when receiving it. It never exceeds the appropriate usage of the information without the consent of individuals. When it will be disclosed to third parties, it should not to be administrated beyond the scope

as requested by laws and regulations.



3 Purpose of usage of the information


The purpose of the usage of personal information that the company holds is as follows, When an individual requested the company to stop offering his/her information to the third parties, it will stop its operation related to the individual.


  1. For the implementation, negotiation, information, offering services and administration that related to personnel recruitment and dispatch contractions.

  2. Implementation works related to (1) above.

  3. To provide information for the purpose of the implementation of (1) and (2).

  4. To provide information via postal mail, telephone, email for the purpose of marketing activities of the company. generating statistical data, and research analysis related to (1) and (2) services.  

  5. Identification of individuals based on Act on Prevention of Transfer of Criminal Proceeds.

  6. When it requires to contact the individual.


4.  To provide individual information to the third party


  1. When it is required to implement based on the regulations of laws.

  2. In case of having difficulties for the individual, when he/she needs to be protected his/her life, corporal, or assets.

  3. In case of having difficulties for the individual, when it is required to improve public hygiene, or to promote sound growth of children,  

  4. When it is disturbance after getting consent with the individual, when the company has to accept the implementation of it by a representative of a national organization or governmental organization,

  5. When it is required to provide the names of financial organizations, administration companies and other sources of the documents, letters, or emails to the third parties which was sent to the individual, the company is going to make every different document for each third party that already explained on “Purpose of usage of the information” of this policy.


5  Safety management measures


The company is going to take appropriate measures to prevent unauthorized access, loss, interpolation, and leakage, that we hold.


6. Consignment of information handling


The company has a possibility to outsource the information that we hold. In this case, the company is going to take appropriate measures to administrate the commission.



7. Disclosure and correction of private information


When the individual requests to disclose or correct the information, the company is going to do without delay under the regulation of the company.


8. Information desk on personal information


Please contact us to send your comments, questions related to this policy, as follows.


SEC International Inc.

11 floor Sumitomo Fudosan Hibiya bld.

2-8-6 Nishi Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo  105-0003

Piece of One secretary office


Phone: +81-3-6206-6145   Fax: +81-3-6206-6148



9. This policy will be reviewed and modified for the purpose the improvement of the protection of privacy according to the requirement of relevant laws. 





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